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In October 2015, Facile Aiuto has been recognized as an innovative start-up with social purposes by the Italian Government.

So far, it is the only one in the entire province of establishment, Verona. We are looking forward to meeting players active in the health and care market who are interested in investing in our projects.

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FacileAiuto® is a container on a perpetual evolution; FacileAiuto® is a facilitator whose aim is realizing – from first simple ideas – innovative projects and services dedicated to health promotion, specifically to the “company Second Welfare”, with central importance to domiciliary and to family. Facile Aiuto® is an enterprise with social vocation that organizes better practical private solutions – especially, it coordinates socio-charitable and educational services – on the territory where it acts. In order to support the multiple projects in act, it has recourse to formative paths with pedagogical supervision, in addition to special publishing products.



FacileAiuto® is an innovative start-up with social vocation, certificated in the register of the Italian enterprises – as the only one in the province of Verona and one of the few in the whole Italy – in October 2015. Such title provides for it to be used for the goal of the collective wellbeing: for this reason, you can find – among our many activities – the research of innovative systems in the health promotion sector, the management of formative paths and courses whose goal is the family wellbeing, new organization systems and domiciliary assistence and the publishing help to give visibility to the new projects.



FacileAiuto® focuses on the research of private solutions whose goal is the best functioning of the domiciliary service at the best of its potentialities. It organizes new practices to optimize the socio-charitable domiciliary services. For example, it organizes it organizes the fruition of single charitable services inside the domestic walls through web systems. Many carried out protocols and studied practices can be spread through companies and partners, such as pharmacies, schools, medical and fitness centers.


FacileAiuto® can count on the constant collaboration with doctors, graduated in Motor Sciences, pedagogists, nurses, case-manager, socio-medical and socio-charitable operators. Moreover, it has recourse to particular services offered by selected gyms and to supplies from food distributors with absolute “Made in Italy” food and – eventually – local one to guarantee the best comfort to who can't move.


The domiciliary service – especially for old people – is a priority to us and it is practiced through innovations done both for the maximum comfort of the patient and for the maximum economic saving of the customer though with all the best technologies in the market. Our wish is to make possible that the domiciliar walls – whether they're chosen as the residence and cure place for the person – will be a conscious decision suggested by the idea of an extra value for the recovery and peace of the person him/herself. So, our goal is researching full monitor and assistance systems for any need. With regard to the formation of the youngest, on the other hand, FacileAiuto® organizes different events to propose – both to parents and their children – formative and informative paths on the different sectors useful for the family wellbeing and for its relation with the whole world: food, health, security, physicalness are just a few of the themes, which are discussed and investigated through activities that will bring to a better growth and children/parents relationship. The health promotion we offer as total private also aims to create richness and job occupation on the territory where we act, because it generates a growing saving of money and a minor public burden – scientifically tested through medical data, in favour of the National Medical Service – and new job vacancies to anyone who wants to be helpful for the cause of the service to the others. Finally, FacileAiuto® engagement also manages to have a major visibility to the promoted projects through technology: publishing projects, APPs and other computer techniques are our successful strategy.



In actual facts, our realized and ongoing projects until now are:

  • the project of healthy lifeswtyles promotion, dedicated to the enterprises and their employees, developed on the “Second Welfare”, in collaboration with doctors, graduated in Motor Sciences, pedagogists, local producers of “Made in Italy” food;

  • the realization of a pedagogical handbook for parents, which is introduced to enterprises and schools;

  • the management of practices on behalf of a pharmacy to organize on the territory where it acts service requests related to the minitoring of life parameters in the house of its customers;

  • “Balla con Me” (translate Dance With Me), our new path – certified in Italy – of educational dance, developed together with parents and their children until 5 years-old;

  • the realization of a new web portal for the administration of requests of nurse and socio-charitable services on the territory where we act by case-managers;

  • the study and the development of a pedagogical path dedicated to the right lifestyle habits through new communicative strategies;

  • the realization of a service to resolve the problem of washing hair to paralysed people with the use of an innovative product for the domiciliary administration of the hair washing without the use of running water sources, dedicated to the attracted ones;

  • the administration on behalf of a pharmacy of a simplifying system for the request of domiciliary services from its customers;

  • in collaboration with doctors, pharmacists, experts in Motor Sciences and psychologues, the graphic project and realization of an innovative magazine called “L'Educazione”, with free distribution, about pedagogical themes and cultural activities with positive impact on health promotion;

  • padagogical supervision of video games whose goal is practising the pre-writing capacity, the oculo-manual and visual-spatial coordination.















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